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     Getting the Most out of Email Marketing
       Thursday, July 19, 2012   

    Nailing down the right email template can help brand your business and make your newsletter appealing.

    One of the biggest decisions to make about your email template is the style. Deciding on the right format can be a bit overwhelming, so here are some guidelines you can use to ensure that your formatting supports your marketing goals.

    Watch Your Above-the-Fold Space The content above the screen break line in your email marketing message gets the most attention, just like with a webpage. The top two to three inches will display in an email preview in Outlook or a web-based email service. Consider which format will help you make the best use of this prime email marketing message.

    Place Your Important Message on the Left Side If you’re using a two column format, you’ll need to split your content up in a way that makes your message easy to read. The upper left corner is where people start reading first. Regardless of which format you use, your important content should start in the upper left corner. The intent of your message is what will be considered important. If you’re sending an informative article, you can use this upper left hand corner to display a special offer that you want to promote.

    Test Before You Send Using different formatting may not translate well across all email service providers. Before you send out your email, you’ll need to test it to make sure that the formatting stays as it should. Incorporate your logo, your social media icons and a direct call to action and you’ll see your opens and click-through increases.


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